There has been something on my mind for quite a while.  Our society has an epidemic of people living their lives with an identity crisis.

To the extreme, I literally see people every day on social media, creating false identities by taking pictures from other peoples Instagram and posting them as their own. People making false claims about their occupation, their levels of success, their lives and literally putting out to the world a false identity.

Becoming more and more commonplace, countless people spend an exorbitant amount of time “setting up shots” of themselves and their lives, but how much time is actually spent developing themselves and doing the work that would actually get themselves to the place they apparently desire to be? It is a sad place when the focus is more on how things appear, rather than how they actually are.

In the media, there are reality stars committing fraud in order to live a certain lifestyle for all to see, and naturally beautiful reality stars slowly transitioning their faces into the face of a Bratz doll and their bodies into one similar to Jessica Rabbit. Self images that are far from reality.

In our business, we literally get hundreds of submissions every year, of girls and guys who have a false sense of who they were made to be and where their strengths lie. The desire to “be a model and be famous” is there regardless if they are 5’3”,  knowing the industry standards start at 5’9”. They believe they are the one exception to the rule, and if we can’t see it, we don’t know what we are talking about.

If someone is tall enough, more often than not, they come in knowing a model needs to be in great shape, but prefer to spend the time they should be in the gym preparing for the opportunity, shooting pictures with full makeup, over styled hair, and every other distraction possible.  They know their best angle from shooting selfies 24/7, how to stand to hide their proportions, and how to add filters to distort the reality of who they really are. God forbid they actually work toward a goal…why do that when you can make things appear like you have already arrived? All you have to do is post a picture and all your friends and family will tell you that you are beautiful and should be a model.

For the vast majority who submit to us, 98% are beautiful people, just not models. I always think there has to be something wonderful that they are made for outside being a model but they are missing the boat, pursuing something they are not made for.

We were made with talent and purposes uniquely our own. Every imperfection, every thing that makes us different should be embraced and celebrated. The time spent trying to fit in or change, takes away from the very things that make you, YOU.

Remember the things that inspired you as a child, or think of the dreams you had in school. Revisit them. If you feel stuck, do what I did. I just kept doing the next thing before me and kept seeking inspiration and role models. I allowed myself to dream big and focused on what I was passionate about, deep within my soul.

Don’t assume the identity of someone else or try to emulate everything someone else is doing. Make it your mission to find your purpose, your passion, and all the things that make YOU, uniquely YOU.

And then, most importantly, share it with the world. You never know who you could inspire.




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