It’s amazing how something you have been seeing for years, out of the blue hits you like a ton of bricks…..
We have lived in our home almost ten years. When we moved in, I took some laminated posters we used to have in our office in Iowa in the late 90’s, and hung them in our garage. When you walk in through the garage, these are the images you walk by.
Yesterday I pulled in the garage after running to the grocery store, and for some reason, sat in the car and looked at the posters, and my eyes welled up with tears…
Back in the day when we blew up those images and laminated them, it was as inspiration. Those who were the supermodels of that time. I saw video of them walking the runways, I looked at them in magazines, and they represented the top level in the modeling industry. Even though I was a mom living in Iowa, doing fashion shows at the mall, (barely making ends meet), I was throughly amazed and inspired by the world of fashion and models. I couldn’t quench my thirst for more knowledge enough, and secretly I dreamed one day I could go to New York Fashion Week and see a fashion show there, brushing elbows with the top models of the world.
Since that time, amazing things have happened in my life. I married the most wonderful man in the world (sixteen years ago this month) and we set our sights on being the best mother agents in the world.  Believing we could discover, develop, and manage some of the top models in the world!
It’s that time of year where we begin preparation for fashion weeks around the world. As I drove in the garage and looked at that picture, IT HIT ME!  We literally have our models grace the top runways of the world, we have been at hundreds of shows in New York, Milan, and Paris! We have seen shows by the most influential designers in the world. We manage models who get to do amazing things, and we experience it all right there alongside them. To top it off, not one model, or two (I took the time to sit down and count) ….26! Our small management company based in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri, has had 26 models and counting….walk the top runways of the world!! How incredible! Who would have ever believed that?!? The BEST part of all….we KNOW we have ONLY JUST BEGUN!

Allow yourself a BIG VISION! Inspire yourself with BOLD visuals to keep inspired! One day you may wake up, after years of hard work and dedication, realizing you have MORE than exceeded what you originally dreamed about.  Exceedingly, abundantly beyond all you can ask or think!




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