The St Louis FOX 2 station wanted to do a feature about Mother and follow Jeff and I at the mall scouting. We were hesitant because many times we set out to find someone and don’t, we just keep going back and never give up. Kind of like the Energizer Bunny 🙂 Anyway, we agreed to go for it! Ironically, we sat down for the interview portion and a great girl walked by right in the midst of it. Cool moment to catch on camera.

After we wrapped, we were walking out the mall and we saw a spirited, bright eyed girl with braces laughing and walking out of a store with her friend. She was so naturally beautiful, with glowing skin, and a definite energy in her step. We walked up to her and asked if her parents were there with her, and two seconds later her Mom and Dad walked up. When we asked if they were her parents, her Mom Carole joked, “Did Katie just do something she shouldn’t have?”

That set the tone for what has always been a fun, exciting journey with the Fogarty’s. For the next 2 years, we prepared Katie for her first time in New York City. In the same way she lit up our world from the moment we met her, she did the same with clients in NYC and Europe…her first show season was one of excitement, and she gained the attention of top clients.

Katie has done campaigns for Balenciaga, D&G, Sonya Rykiel, and top editorials and covers worldwide….and she is just beginning. Katie has a timeless beauty, an energetic spirit, and a fun loving attitude. She has a growing interest in the culinary world, and you can follow her passion for all things food on



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