Often times the modeling world and models in general get a bad rap. I have not ever fully understood why, although I understand jealousy can manifest itself in very ugly ways.

Today I received a beautiful email from one of our girls and she sent an excerpt from a letter from her Mother, and it moved me to tears. I asked if I could anonymously share it here.

This captures the transformation we get to be a part of on so many levels. I think it also helps people to see ALL young women struggle with issues regarding their appearance, and it is time we quit judging and start loving people for who they are.

“…….the moment you realize your mom was right!  You’re not like ‘the other girls’ and that’s a good thing.  You have gained a tremendous level of comfort with your body type and unique beauty.  Comfort that a parent can only hope for for their teenage daughter, who used to come home from school in tears because of her height and lack of curves.  The confidence that goes with that comfort and knowing that you have Jeff and Mary supporting you 100% is a beautiful thing.  Nothing visible has changed in the last six months, however, you are approached on a daily basis by strangers who want to know if you are a model.  What’s different now and how is it people can ‘see’ it?  It’s confidence, pure and simple. If you believe it, you can be it.  I am so proud of you and I’m here to say, “I told you so,” but in a good way.  Love you – your biological Mother :)”



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