I got an email yesterday that stirred up something I am so tired of hearing. A young woman referencing the models we “claim” to represent contacted us about scouting. Last year a local St Louis newscaster announcing an open call we were holding said “They claim to have discovered Ashton Kutcher” In the past few years, Jeff has told me when we scout someone (I generally am the one who goes up and initiates conversation) that people almost stand in disbelief if I actually tell our true story about who we have discovered. I realize we live in a time of skepticism, and I also understand there are modeling scams that lie and blur the truth, but we have EARNED the right to tell our story, and yes, in some ways it’s too incredible to believe. We have found our success the old fashioned way…Let me make this perfectly clear, EVERY model on our website was discovered by us in places like malls, athletic events gas stations,  or in a few cases, by a friend of ours who referred them to us. There was a decade of success previous to what shows up today, and most importantly, we have only just begun. Can’t wait to share my whole story…I am finishing the book and I am believing it is going to inspire a lot of people out there 🙂  Follow your dreams and believe that God is going to put amazing people and great opportunities in your path. I have,  and through that belief I found my husband, Ashton, Karlie, amazing models, and a life I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world.



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