We have had a global presence discovering and managing top models, through our company, Mother Management for two decades. We focus solely on fashion & editorial in the US and internationally. We are active mother agents guiding and nurturing our models throughout their entire career.

Our unique approach to the business has gained national media attention in The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, E! Scouted to Stardom, and ABC’s Night Line.

We were dubbed “The Fairy God Parents of the Modeling World’ by the Seattle Times and “Powerhouse Model Scouts” by Australian Harpers Bazaar .

Our 20 year track record has also been well documented on E! Entertainment Television, Model TV, and VH1 Driven; and articles in Paper, Top Model, Cosmo-Girl, Alive, St Louis Post Dispatch, and The River Front Times.

We are responsible for the discovery of top stars Ashton Kutcher, Karlie Kloss, and Grace Hartzel. We represent a strong roster of successful models working globally for the top clients and magazines in the world. We have had 35 models & counting walk the top runways of the world in NY, London, Milan, & Paris.

As always, our new faces are in the process of following in the footsteps of the Mother Model Family. Several are on the verge of breaking through to international recognition.

Finally, we continue to scout the US, manage models from 15 states, and have up and coming stars developing in our incubator.
We are committed to using our platform to help aspiring models and inspire everyone who follows our journey through social media. Every year, the weekend before Thanksgiving, we produce our annual fashion show Tribute. Tribute provides on opportunity to celebrate our Mother Models success, showcase the talents of stylists and designers, and launch our new faces into the international fashion stratosphere.

DISCOVERY – We continue to expand our reach across the USA
DEVELOPMENT – We groom and develop with our unique process. We expect great effort and we match it with guidance, love, and support.
MANAGEMENT – We work to build global careers with prestige & longevity.

"What Mary and Jeff are doing is truly amazing. We have never seen so many promising new faces in a small management company. Your passion, drive and creativity to get the models developed is a true Tour De Force."

For the Record


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In 2005 we discovered a thirteen year old Karlie at a benefit fashion show & model search we produced.  Through 2012, we co-managed Karlies career first by developing her in the St Louis and Chicago markets, and later expanding her career to New York and internationally. We practiced her walk on her front porch, arranged shoots, and prepared her for what was ahead.

Beginning in 2007, from her entrance into New York City, to her first Calvin Klein exclusive, every fashion week show season that followed, the editorials, campaigns, covers, her first Victoria Secret show, we maintained a strong relationship as her Mother Agent, traveling with her, nurturing and supporting her, and guiding her career as part of the incredible Next team. Her rise up the ranks including her ranking as #2 on Models.com, all came under the direction of our team.IMG_7092

It was not unusual where you would see Karlie backstage at Fashion Weeks around the world, in transit between shows, and countless other adventures, you would see her under the watchful eye of Jeff in particular, and when possible, the two of us. We celebrated birthdays, vacationed together, experienced milestones, and were available at any given moment to jump on a plane, have dinner after a long day, or just spend time with her. Jeff calls it “Doing Life Together.”

We take pride in the discovery, development, management, and establishment of Karlie Kloss as one of the top models in the world. We can say with all sincerity our team was the determining factor in providing her with the foundation and the opportunity she is reaping the rewards of today.



akIn February 1997 Mary discovered Ashton at The Airliner in Iowa City, Iowa. Ashton was a bio-chemical engineering student but deep in his heart he had aspirations to be an actor. He shared his dreams in that first conversation standing in the restaurant, engaging in a conversation that would ultimately change both our lives.

I encouraged Ashton to enter a model search I was holding called “The Fresh Face of Iowa” and he went on to win the contest and the grand prize trip to NYC. Soon after, Jeff became fast friends with Ashton and the three of us spent that spring and early summer preparing for his first trip into the city.ak-poloriod-

“Use modeling as a catalyst to break into the acting world” was my advice, and we set out on a summer of shoots, a trip to NYC, landing his first gig with Abercrombie & Fitch, shooting for Calvin Klein, and fashion shows including Gucci and Versace. He left Iowa on his first plane ride as a college student and came back a model. We will never forget that holiday season when he came back home to Iowa. The three of us were so excited with what had already unfolded, none of us could imagined what was ahead for him.

After the whirlwind of modeling in New York, Milan, and Paris, the team arranged a meeting in Los Angeles for a new FOX series “That 70’s Show”in January 1998, less than a year from the time we met, and the rest is history.

Being a true Midwesterner, we have maintained a life long relationship with him. His friendship is one we cherish, we love spending time with him, and we have loved watching his unprecedented journey unfold. He has never forgot where he came from and he has truly been a blessing in both our lives.