There are times as show season rolls around that it feels a bit like Ground Hog Day. For six years now, we have been traveling every fashion show season. We have had the opportunity to partake in the top shows, with the most prestigious designers in the world. Every show season was filled with excitement, but an equal amount of stress. The details of those years are WAY too much for a simple blog post and better suited for a book, but to put it simply, sometimes the joy was stolen.

This season was filled with things that matter most. We allowed ourselves time to “stop and smell the roses”, we kept the pace more balanced, and because of it, the entire time in New York was incredibly special. I am back home and Jeff is traveling in Europe with the girls, my focus here is writing, creating, & planning Tribute.

To start with, we got to see our son, who is living as a New York resident, pursuing his dreams in the culinary world. We also have many models living there and  time spent with them walking around the city, enjoying a meal, or sitting on the terrace at our hotel are cherished moments that make this journey so sweet. We stopped for some tea on a rainy afternoon with one of our original models from back in the day, who has lived in NYC for sixteen years now. She has grown into such an amazing woman, wife, mother, & nurse. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about her…

We have been doing this long enough that we now have special friendships with casting directors, bloggers, photographers, other agents, makeup artists, models, and even the NYFW security have become friends we catch up with each season.

This season we got to spend time with friends from St Louis who were there for shows too. There is something extra special about time with friends from home in the Big Apple.

Randomly on the street we ran into a scout from Canada who follows us on social media & told us he models himself after us (so sweet), an icon in the industry we have admired for many years, and an old friend in the business we have known for nearly two decades, all were special and encouraging encounters. We have personally connected with the amazing people at Hillsong NYC and that has made the city feel even more like home and our purpose even more clear.

Before we know it, it will be that time again, and we will embark on the next show seasonin early 2014. The lessons we have learned since September 2012 have been life changing.We have a renewed appreciation of WHY we do this and WHO matters most to us.  Whenever we get discouraged or question HOW we ended up here and WHAT we are here for, we look into the eyes of the people we have been so privileged to get to know on this journey…and it ALL makes sense.



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  1. Mary,

    My name is curt Reiter from Ankeny, IA. We have met a couple times with my daughter Emilee. Just informimg you her braces are off and the dental implant will be in on Tuesday. The dentist had trouble with wrong color tooth and then wrong size, but hopefully all is corrected now. The reason I am contacting you is we met with Barbizon yesterday and they are contacting us tonight if they want her to be part of their company. I do not want to pay them money for a 6 month curriculum to help her become their model. I feel more comfortable with you and Jeff. Barbizon seems like a quality company, but I doubt they guarentee consistant work after she finishes this model training. Let me know what you think.

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