The harsh reality for every aspiring model out there is that the actual demand for new faces at the top agencies in the world is far less than the tremendous number of girls and guys who dream of being a top model. We are constantly getting submissions from aspiring models not only from here in the United States, but from around the world.
I have been very vocal regarding all the questionable businesses out there that prey on aspiring models and their parents. For now I will curb that conversation..

I am committed to dedicating myself in 2013 to blog weekly regarding this fascinating industry and what it REALLY takes to break into it. The sheer number of you that want to be models, compared to the actual number that can model is a career, is a dramatic, vast difference. It is my hope that the blog posts will provide tangible, concrete advise that truly helps you find your place, prepare yourself CORRECTLY, and take the focus off of taking countless pictures, over styled and over done, and focus FIRST on what you need to do to fit the model standard, physically and mentally.

There is a much bigger SUPPLY of people that want to model than the industry has a DEMAND for.

The model standards for clear in the FASHION world. Height matters. Body requirements are set. We start at those two points and go from there.

Modeling requires dedication, work, commitment, risk…just like every other worthy endeavor.

Start with being honest with yourself or you will forever be spinning your wheels. Start FIRST with assessing your potential and working on getting your body in the best shape possible. Taking a million pictures BEFORE doing this, is a waste of your time.



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