1. I am a retired portrait photographer. My son is an entrepreneur (myunleash.com) and cyclist (road & mountain) and amazing, funny guy, great deep voice, living in Boulder, CO. Even in Boulder where the fittest of the fit and beautiful people live he turns head wherever he goes. Large eyes, interesting features, great body, international look. He is 6′ 2″.

    I’ve put together a small portfolio of snap shots of him on my portfolio site http://cynthiaclaytonparent.yolasite.com/rossi.php

    He’s recently done a shoot for a cycling company (no pics yet) and I’m encouraging him to pursue this work to supplement his expensive tastes. (He’s the son of a wealthy eye surgeon and is very comfortable with the life style he grew up with and in my opinion he can leverage his looks to get a piece of that life back and call it his own! :))

    Take a look !


  2. Hello,
    I am the mother of Natalie Paige and I wanted to contact you about management. Natalie is a professional model with Benz models and Michelle Pommier out of Miami. As her mother I have been her personal make-up artist with over 35 years in the industry. I wanted to get your feedback and comments to see if she could be better represented by your company. Natalie is seeking the highest management possible as she is 22 years of age. If you could let me know your thoughts I would appreciate your advice. She is willing to move for more opportunity. She wants me to manage her however as I began to read more on mother management I found you. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Susan Walker
    828 421-3936

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