The key to success as a model, is not to focus on “having” a career, but “building” a career. It is the key to building something with longevity. 
As we launch a new face, in some ways, it’s the easy part. You find, groom, and develop. When it’s time, you launch into the fashion stratosphere & you see what happens. As time goes on, 2 things determine a lot. 
One, they must remain coach able. 20 years into this, we have a pretty keen sense, along with the teams we work with, on the importance of evolving, growing, and in some cases reinventing, to keep the fashion world engaged and inspired. 
Two, they must remain adaptable. The one constant in this business is change. The fashion world and its moving parts, move at the sound of light. Strong management has to stay engaged with the response from the powers that be, constantly readjusting and figuring out what the next best move is. They have to jump for the parachute to open. The wind may shift,the direction may change, but that’s the exciting part. 
The building of a career over time is sweet. We love when a model reaches new heights and you can look back at the uncertainty and “not knowing” along the way, and the value of TRUSTING. It makes the victory so much more sweet, and it builds a beautiful & immeasurable bond. 
Building a career involves risk. There are times of uncertainty. When a model focuses on having a career and wants to have the reigns in their own hands, rarely will they reach the heights they could have, had they been willing to let the reigns go & give them to their trusted team. 
The most successful people I know built a career over time. They went along with the ebb & flow, & kept moving forward, one open door at a time. They didn’t need to bum rush every door at once, or while they were at door one, obsessed with needing to know what was behind door number two, three, & four. They remained present entering door one. “Having” is a state of ownership, “building” is a one day at a time journey, that takes you to heights you never could have achieved. It takes risk, uncertainty, & willingness to adapt & change. Building is a mindset, a way of life. It’s really is where the adventure lies.



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