I can’t tell you how refreshing it is….

Saturday morning we met with two girls we have been tracking. One we scouted last fall and she wasn’t sure she wanted to model. In February, upon my return from NY and before I left for Paris, I met with her and her parents and she committed and decided she wanted to go for it! That was the end of February, and the transformation since then has been incredible…she’s not 100% there, but well on her way! She is bright, articulate, focused, and hard working.

The second girl we discovered when she was just 15. At the time, she was interested, but not driven enough to do what it takes to compete at the level Mother models aspire to. She took a year and went to college and realized she was leaving an unrealized dream behind her. We saw her in January, she committed and worked really hard, and we met with her Saturday and she was 100% ready. So proud of her! Her travels and her adventure will begin this summer!!!

We have realized there are people who think the “secret” to our success is the photographers we work with or the way we style our girls, etc… While we can’t argue with the talent of the team we have surrounded ourselves with, ultimately it is pounding the pavement to find the needle in the haystack, scouring through hundreds and hundreds of submissions for the diamond in the rough, and finally trusting and knowing that the young people who are supposed to cross our path and be with Mother will end up here no matter what.

Finally, patience is key. We may find someone and not present them to the international world for three years from the time we find them. We are in no hurry.

The payoff; we are continually are BLOWN away by the caliber of models that end up as part of our family. Due diligence, sacrifice, hard work, and commitment bring great reward.



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