We realize more every single day that people have no idea what it really takes to make a successful model. It takes a village of committed, dedicated, supportive, talented people who give of themselves and love & encourage throughout the entire journey.
From aspiring model, to new face, to established model, to top success story, they all deserve and need the same.

It also takes a girl or guy who understands and follows through with personal discipline; including eating healthy and working out to be in the best physical shape they can be. They travel, venture out into the unknown, and live a daily adventure of tests, castings, shoots, shows, and a never ending unfolding of new opportunities.

Mistakingly people think:

A) You’re pretty or handsome (Everybody tells you that you should be a model)

B) You take pictures (Everybody tells you that you look great just as you are)

C) You go model when you have the time (Everybody says you can model around your life on your terms)

I am thankful that it’s not that simple. EVERYBODY doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Everybody doesn’t know what they’re talking about.



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