To our model with the most longevity, Hats Off to Alison Renner! On a day like any other running errands, I stopped by a drug store in Cedar Rapids, to pick up a few things and saw a beautiful soft spoken girl working in the photo department. Naturally, I picked up film so I could go over to her counter. I had no idea if she was interested at all, she just listened and took it all in. She was just 16 years old. Her hair was full and long, kind of overpowering her beautiful delicate features.

I gave her my card, didn’t hear back, and we went in again….This time she agreed to come in and let us take a few polaroids. When we told people in NYC we found a girl at Drug Town, they thought we were talking about the seedy side of Cedar Rapids, not a drug store. So funny… One of her first jobs was the Gap campaign. She flew out after school, shot it the following day with Walter Chin, and by the next day she was back at work at Drug Town. We stopped in that night to see her and she was sweeping up near the cash registers. I always loved sharing that story of the literal two lives these young people get to experience. For years when we would travel to NYC we would always stay at her place. A dear friend of our daughters, she now lives in LA, and has her own swimwear company¬†Shimmi Swimwear.

She has modeled around the globe and made a wonderful life for herself. Alison is sweet, loyal, funny, talented, and will always hold a very special place in our hearts. One chance encounter at Drug Town was a life defining moment. Love it.



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