In 2009 we set out to follow The Jonas Brothers on some of their Midwest dates. We followed them to Saint Louis, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago. Before the show in Chicago, we decided to go grab lunch and walk around Woodfield Mall. We did some shopping in Baby Gap, Jeff stepped outside the store, and five minutes later came running in, told me to put down the clothes I was about to purchase, and come see this cool girl!

We were excited to meet a beautiful, fun, energetic girl names Blake. She was shopping with her equally fantastic mom, Terry. We chatted, exchanged information, and made a plan for them to come to St Louis and meet with us.

Blake was wrapping up her senior year, finishing up her volleyball season, and we all decided to reconnect when she was finished and ready to hit the ground running.

As with many girls, Blake had a beautiful athletic body that needed to be transitioned in to a model body. The plan was to have her come and stay with us. We spent several months with her in our home as part of our family, as she prepared to venture into the modeling world.

Blake has traveled the world, modeled in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Milan, and Singapore. She has editorials, covers, and campaigns. In 2013, she walked in New York Fashion Week for the first time for designers including Helmut Lang.



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