For a few years we had seen Briley Jones out and about at our local St. Louis Fashion Week shows. Although she was with a local agency, we thought she had a cool look, but felt it was best to leave well enough alone and focus on our models. She ended up walking away from modeling, went to college, and allowed her contract to expire.

In Spring of 2014, Briley reached out to us and submitted photos. She was missing modeling and she was hopeful we would be interested in working with her.

We met at a coffee shop and instantly fell in love with her cool spirit, her work ethic, and her determination. She shared her story of raising and selling cattle since she was thirteen years old, and when we asked what she did to stay in shape she told us working on the farm and bailing hay. She dreamed of potentially modeling internationally and wanted give it her all if we believed in her. We gave her our recommendations on what to work on, had her walk in our Tribute show, changed her hair color, began building a new book, and in less than a year she was in New York and then Europe, making her big runway debut in the Fall 2015 Mui Mui show in Paris. She quickly followed with beautiful editorials in Numero and is well on her way to a very successful career.



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