On one of our many road trips in Des Moines, Iowa, we were getting ready to leave Valley West Mall and we saw a tall blond girl walking with her Dad getting ready to leave as well.  I panicked a bit because we had just stopped by the gum ball machine kiosk on the way out, and I got my favorite bubble gum color…BLUE! As we walked up towards her, one of the first things out of my mouth was “My teeth aren’t always blue!” 🙂 Danielle and her dad were so nice, very open…she was  an absolutely beautiful girl from Osceola, Iowa and she has embraced this journey right from the start.

From the very beginning, Danielle has been a really fun loving, always upbeat, vibrant girl to be around. She represents the plus modeling industry well and embraces the fact that real beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. She has had a very successful career, has become a true New Yorker while maintaining her Midwest spirit. We love when we get to spend time with her in NYC, she is a joy to be around, and is a another reminder why we absolutely love what we do for a living!



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