As interesting and unique as Ehren is, so is her discovery story.

We first met Ehren in 2009 at an open call we did at a nearby outdoor shopping center, The Meadows at Lake Saint Louis.  She looked completely different then she does today. Through it all though we could see something special. (I vowed to her that we would never show the initial pictures to anyone) I called Ehren many times to let her know we believed in her, she shared all that was going on in her life at the time, and that maybe we should revisit later.  As in all things, we trusted if it was meant for her to be with us, eventually when the time was right, that is exactly what would happen.

Fast forward to 2011, a photographer friend of ours shot her for a local job and thought we may find her interesting. We had an open call scheduled and she showed up at the end of a very long line. Bald and pierced and beautiful, we couldn’t wait to get to the end of that line. We asked if she could meet up at Starbucks the following Monday. We sat for an hour or so and fell in love with who Ehren is as a person. She was working as a maid, driving a pickup truck, an avid reader, an artistic soul, and a bolt of lightning, all rolled up in one. She had dabbled locally with an agency who didn’t get her at all, or her potential, and certainly had no idea how to move forward with her and launch her into the global fashion world.

Ehren’s beauty is embraced by some of the top photographers in the world, shot some absolutely stunning editorials, and one of her first jobs was for CK Beauty along side some of the top models in the world. She has traveled the globe and really, truly, only just begun….the sky is the limit.  We believe Ehren’s voice will make a big impact on changing peoples perception of beauty.



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