With Jeff in Paris, I ventured out to the St Louis Galleria and had a quick lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I glanced over and  saw a beautiful family with three girls and their Mom, the oldest immediately standing out to me. From the second I met Grace, her enthusiasm, bubbly personality, and stunningly beautiful eyes just blew my mind. I found out she had modeled a bit in Chicago but had decided to step away from it all for awhile. She knew all about Mother and was excited to have me approach her.

A month later when Jeff returned, the two of us planned a road trip to Zionsville, Indiana, her hometown. Our first meeting was at another chain restaurant, her favorite at the time, PF Changs. From the second we sat down, I watched Jeff look at me in disbelief at the beauty and natural charisma of this adorable teenage girl and her equally wonderful Mom. Needless to say, we made a plan to begin testing her and arrange a few short trips into New York City.

The next step was time in Paris and our 20 year old niece/assistant Jenna traveled along with her. Their first trip was full of adventure and it wasn’t long before she was back and making her debut in Dior Couture show in Paris.

Although Grace is just beginning, our expectation is an exceptional career ahead and it will be an extra fun ride along as the journey unfolds.



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