After church one Sunday we decided to run by PetSmart to pick up dog food and we saw this beautiful soft spoken girl working in the pet adoption. She had an absolutely stunning face, her hair was pulled back tight in a pony tail with small barrettes and hair pins, and she literally took our breathe away. Jennie Runk was a very special girl from the first day we met her.

Jennie was just 13 at the time. She didn’t like her long curly tendrils of hair, so she kept it pulled back tight. The first thing we asked was for her to come with her hair down with no hair gel. We wanted to see it in all it’s glory :). Her Mom Karen joked that we had made a big request completely out of her comfort zone, but she complied and came to our house. Of course, we LOVED her hair and felt the same about her. Jennie had a full curvy figure even as a young girl, and we knew it was best that we pursue the plus industry for her. She embraced that whole heartedly and we experienced over the next few years the evolution of a beautiful young woman.

Not only was one of her first shoots with Steven Meisel for American Vogue, Jennie has gone on to have a great career, and it’s really only just begun. She is articulate, inspiring, and thoughtful. She is fun loving and caring, and we know she is going to use her voice to inspire women of every size to feel good about themselves and see their own beauty.



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