A former model of ours sent us a picture of a beautiful girl who lived on a pig farm in Mitchellville, Iowa. We have many, many people who send us pictures of girls and guys they think can possibly model, and 98% of the time it’s not quite what we are looking for.  When the email came through to my laptop, I jumped up and yelled “Jeffy, you have to see this girl!” The snapshot was perfect, her hair pulled back in a high pony tail right after her dance class. Jenny possessed a unique beauty all her own.

I was already planning a trip to Cedar Rapids so I met her and her Mom at Lindale Mall. Two months later we took a small group of girls to New York. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a response we were looking for immediately. We were convinced the agencies we met with, missed it. We decided to meet up with her again, shoot her in simple beautiful light showing her in s stronger way, and we laughed as we received email after email from agencies asking “Who’s that girl?” The same one you met before….

Needless to say, we ended up placing her in NYC and she quickly ended up on a Vogue Italia cover, countless stunning editorials, and years of successful modeling. Jenny has a great vision for the future including styling, new ventures, and a great idea reaching back to other young girls in Iowa dreaming what she is doing.



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