In all the years of doing this, we have to say, Kelsey was the most determined to be a part of Mother.  Kelsey and her amazing mom Debbie first attended our open call, and then listened to our advice and direction. Starting with hair color changes, to getting rid of her tweezers and growing in her full dark brows, to no longer tanning, and everything in between.  She never wavered in her persistence and determination, including the transformation from gymnastic body to model body. Her commitment and dedication to sports and cheerleading was transferred to her love of modeling and the fashion industry. Her approach to modeling is much like an athletes mindset, she is incredibly focused, dedicated, and determined to be her best. She trusts and listens to her management team, like a champion listens to her coach, and does what is necessary.

Her first summer in New York City evolved into her first Fashion Week seasons in New York and Paris. Beginning with a Proenza Schouler exclusive and ending with a strong showing in Europe, Kelsey is positioned to have an incredible modeling career.

As a team, we are looking forward to what will prove to be an exciting and prosperous 2014. Kelsey is just beginning and we know there is so much success ahead for her.



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