Lindsey first came on our radar when a former model and friend referred us to her. She invited us to come see her at a dance team competition in Iowa. Immediately we found her look so interesting and intriguing. She was a sweet girl who initially came across as a bit shy, but over time we found out she is actually full of personality. Not long after we met Lindsey, we moved to St Louis and would maintain communication when we would travel back to Iowa. Each time, she would have made little to no progress with things, and we began to believe it just wasn’t something she really wanted to do. (I remember Jeff even got to the point that he told me he didm;t want to shoot another set of digitals on her because she just didn’t have what it takes)

On what was going to be our final meeting with her on a winters day in a hotel in Cedar Rapids, we told her that we thought it was best to part ways and if she ever got focused and worked to get herself in model shape, we would be there for her. She sat across the table with tears in her eyes and for the first time shared how badly she wanted this. Jeff leaped up and said “Finally!! I love the tears!!  I’m happy you’re crying!!  We finally know you want this!”

Within a few months Lindsey made the road trip to St Louis and in walked a confident, self assured, trimmed and toned aspiring model!!  She was excited and happy and ready to travel. At the moment the timing seemed a bit off because she had enrolled in college. Jeff found and agency interested and ready to go, and within days she moved from college and embarked on an international journey and has been modeling ever since.



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