Myla, sweet…..sassy Myla. From the time we met her, we loved her.

After many years of involvement with the Miss Iowa USA pageant, I began working with the same team at the Miss Wisconsin USA pageant.  I would work with the girls, preparing them for the weekend,

and I also was the Emcee. It was a joy to me as I have always loved working with teenage girls. They are a special breed 🙂

Myla stood out to me immediately, she was vivacious, beautiful, fun-loving, and comfortable in her own skin.  She went on to win the title of Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2004. I always told her she was so beautiful and we thought she could model, but at that point our eyes were more focused on straight size models.

Over time we kept in touch with Myla, and eventually life brought her to an internship in New York City. We knew she would be an amazing plus model (she is on a mission to change that term by the way) and everyone fell in love with her as we did.

Myla has enjoyed a very successful career, including beautiful editorials in magazines embracing and capturing every curve of her beautiful body.  She is immerses herself in art including photography, sculpting, and performance art.  She expresses herself at



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