In late Spring 2013, we traveled to Hang Out Fest in the Gulf Shores, and not only discovered a few great girls, but also a really special part of the US we had never been to before. The days were long and the sun was scorching but it was all worth it in the end. We spotted a leggy girl with her boyfriend at the end of the second day. She was full of energy and loaded with personality, and she was excited about the opportunity. We exchanged information and waited to hear back from her.The following day, we had yet to hear from her, so were extra excited to spot her and her boyfriend again, in a sea of thousands of people.

Rachael was a college student. She was near completion and she had done a little local modeling back home in Florida. We invited her to Saint Louis for a test shoot. We also welcomed her in our home so we could get to know her better, and talk about future plans and goals. Our grand daughter Willa Mae fell in love with her, and for about six months after she left, every girl that came through her house was called “Rachael” by Willa Mae. She left quite an impression on her, and she did on us, as well.

Not long after her time in Saint Louis, she spent time in New York, which led to her first Fashion Week season in February 2014. In her first season, she walked the runways in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, for designers including Marc Jacobs, Giles, and Emporio Armani, to name a few. She remained on stay in Paris and in July 2014, walked for Chanel during the Paris Haute Couture.

Rachael Robinson continues to evolve and she has gained the attention of some of the top designers in the world. There is a bright and exciting future ahead for her and she is a valued part of our Mother family.



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