At a local Holt High School pep rally Jeff spotted a basketball player on their team that really stood out. Ryan had a classic, handsome look and loved the sport of basketball. When Jeff approached him, as with most guys, he had never thought of such a thing and it took him over a year before he ever reached out to us after Jeff first meeting him. When he finally heard back from him, he was determined to trim down from athlete to model, and soon after he did, opportunities opened up in a big way.

He came right out of the gate with two back to back Calvin Klein exclusives. What an unforgettable experience standing with his Mom and Dad watching him walk for the first time in New York on the runway at Calvin Klein. His journey has continued to be full of exciting moments including a magazine, EMMERSON HODGE filled exclusively with editorials of Ryan, appropriately titled “The Mertz Issue”.

Ryan is dedicated, committed, hard-working, with aspirations to act. (We like to think he resembles a young Ryan O’Neal) Stay tuned….Doors continue to open up for him.



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