Family Tree



Family Tree – Bree Smith

Bree Smith came to us through a traditional online model search. From the second we saw her first picture, Jeff ...
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Family Tree – Briley Jones

For a few years we had seen Briley Jones out and about at our local St. Louis Fashion Week shows ...
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Family Tree – Rachael Robinson

In late Spring 2013, we traveled to Hang Out Fest in the Gulf Shores, and not only discovered a few ...
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Family Tree – Kelsey Owens

In all the years of doing this, we have to say, Kelsey was the most determined to be a part ...
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Family Tree- Dakota

A few years back we held an open call in Saint Louis while Jeff was in Europe and a beautiful ...
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Family Tree- Blake Myers

In 2009 we set out to follow The Jonas Brothers on some of their Midwest dates. We followed them to ...
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Family Tree – Jud Birza

Always up for an adventure, we decided to go spend an afternoon at Holt High School in Wentzville, Missouri for ...
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Family Tree – Jenny Sweeney

A former model of ours sent us a picture of a beautiful girl who lived on a pig farm in ...
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Family Tree – Grace Hartzel

With Jeff in Paris, I ventured out to the St Louis Galleria and had a quick lunch at the Cheesecake ...
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Family Tree – Lauren Bigelow

We first saw Lauren many years ago when our daughter Tiana came back home from touring with Christina Aguilera and ...
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Family Tree – Lindsey Byard

Lindsey first came on our radar when a former model and friend referred us to her. She invited us to ...
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Family Tree – Ashton Kutcher

Part of the relaunch of our website is continuing a series called "Family Tree", where I share a bit about ...
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Family Tree – Lindsay Lullman

One of our first discoveries after our move to Saint Louis in 2001, was a thirteen year old beauty named ...
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Family Tree – Myla DalBesio

Myla, sweet….. sassy Myla. From the time we met her, we loved her. After many years of involvement with the ...
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Family Tree – Ryan Mertz

At a local Holt High School pep rally Jeff spotted a basketball player on their team that really stood out ...
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Family Tree – Ehren Dorsey

As interesting and unique as Ehren is, so is her discovery story. We first met Ehren in 2009 at an ...
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Family Tree – Bethany Terry

I had just spent a great weekend in Chicago with some of my favorite people in the world, the original ...
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Family Tree – Karlie Kloss

In 2005 we had the honor of producing a fashion show locally, along side a community of great people, in ...
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Family Tree – Katie Fogarty

The St Louis FOX 2 station wanted to do a feature about Mother and follow Jeff and I at the ...
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Family Tree – Jennie Runk

After church one Sunday we decided to run by PetSmart to pick up dog food and we saw this beautiful ...
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Family Tree – Danielle Redman

On one of our many road trips in Des Moines, Iowa, we were getting ready to leave Valley West Mall ...
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Family Tree – Michael Hope

After our move to Saint Louis, we had a fresh start and we were believing the same success we found ...
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Family Tree – Alison Renner

To our model with the most longevity, Hats Off to Alison Renner! On a day like any other running errands, ...
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