Recently I was asked to “bullet point” how we go about growing and developing models. I came up with 7 points that I believe make all the difference.
GROW YOURSELF FIRST – We believe it is our responsibility to develop ourselves daily through what we read, listen to, and watch. In order to pour ourselves into our models, we have to fill ourselves first. How can we expect to give to people what we don’t possess ourselves? On a flight you are instructed to put your oxygen mask on first, then help the other person. We believe that analogy holds true for our life with our models, our family, and our friends.
CREATE THE VISION OF WHAT THEIR LIFE COULD LOOK LIKE – Very often we are discovering someone out and about in their daily li ves, the challenge is showing them a world that they never would have believed possible. In the first conversation I had with Ashton Kutcher, minutes after going up to him at a bar on the University of Iowa campus, we talked about his dream of being an actor. I told him modeling could help get him there, and we spent that summer preparing him, keeping our conversation focused on his big dreams.
SPEAK EMPOWERING WORDS – We believe in the power of words! In our daily life of scouting, we have to walk out and believe we are going to find a treasure. We declare that every time we venture out scouting. With our models, we help them to say, “I am supposed to be here”.  In a sea of other beautiful young women, they need to believe they belong there, it is part of their destiny, and what they bring to the table is uniquely their own.
ENGAGE WITH OTHERS AROUND YOU & CHALLENGE THEM TO DO THE SAME – We literally walk out everyday looking for people we see potential in. My entire life has been built on that principle (I met my husband Jeff on a 4 hour layover at a mall) It’s an exciting way to live, to go out looking to connect with people. As a model, they spend many days going to castings, meeting new people for the first time. It is a great skill set to work to engage, connect, and enjoy the process. One interaction with one person, can change the trajectory of your life.
DON’T TAKE A SNAPSHOT, THINK BIG PICTURE – Focus on the daily action required, not the immediate results. What happens today may not manifest into something significant until six months down the road. If you focus too much on “measuring” today, you will miss the joy of the journey and waste energy worrying about nothing. Don’t create imaginary finish lines or limits on how much time you will give your pursuits.
MAKE IT REAL.– Discovering a girl or guy who lives in a small town in the Midwest is exciting, but the challenge sets in when you are talking about New York and Paris, the pages of a fashion magazine and walking the top runways of the world. As they settle into their life of school and working at the mall, the whole thing begins to feel like a fantasy. Keeping the goal REAL in their life includes things like making a dream board  with pictures that inspire, plugging into the industry through magazines and the internet, and staying connected with other people working towards the same goals.
PROVIDE A SOFT PLACE TO FALL – Disappointments are inevitable along the journey. Part of growing and developing someone is allowing them to talk through the challenges or voice their fears. Our role is to lift them, build them, challenge them, and teach them to keep moving, keep pressing on.



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