In the midst of a time of betrayal and disappointment, I received an incredibly meaningful email from one of our models. It was from her Mother referencing the lessons to be learned by it all. It meant so much at the time, and I thought of it again recently and thought the message was so valuable, it was too precious to not pass it on. Our model spoke with her Mom and both felt it would be wonderful to share. Here it is….I hope you find it thought provoking, inspiring, and wonderful words to live by;
Ok, call me crazy. Call me mom. Or better yet, call me your crazy mom. You know how good I am at pointing out the obvious. I thought I would take this opportunity to reiterate lessons from this last week. Parents like to do this sort of thing and this week has provided great parenting material.
1. Beauty is only skin deep….ugliness goes all the way to the bone. Always maintain your inner beauty.
2. Never forget your humble beginnings.
3. Never make a decision that is monetarily motivated. Eventually, the day will come when you wake up in your big house alone. I mean really alone….empty morally and spiritually.
4. Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does.
5. Always be fair and just in your dealings. If you find yourself apologizing for your actions, you are wrong, plain and simple.
6. Be genuine. Let people see the real you. Why? Because you’re beautiful inside and out. It’s ok to share that with complete strangers!
7. Always be unassuming, humble and utterly unpretentious.
8. You have nothing to lose. You have gained so much insight into this crazy industry already. So few people get this opportunity. In fact, you are the only girl I have ever known to be able to chase this dream. The only one!
9. You are starting at the bottom. The only place to go from there is up! Conversely, when you’re on top, the only direction from there, most assuredly, is down. Depending on how you got there, it can be a big drop. The people on top, didn’t get there alone. You never turn a blind eye to the people who have been there every step of the way, protecting, supporting, and watching with great anticipation while you hit your stride.
10. Losing the love of someone who loved you, not for what you could do for them, but loved you for who you are, warts and all, is the greatest loss.
Love – your crazy mom



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