I realized when I woke up this morning how many people focus on the wrong thing as we transition into a new year. Just like so many get all amped up about the celebration of a wedding, but fail to really put their energy into the marriage, there are so many people who focus on the big New Years Eve party, and then go into the new year doing the same things they did last year, and end up feeling unsuccessful in what they hoped the new year would bring. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing you’ve been doing, and expecting a different result. As Jeff and I enter into our 14th year as a couple and business partners, we will celebrate in the same way we always have; the two of us at home, relaxing and celebrating, talking about the new year and our goals and plans, thanking God for the year that’s ending, and entering into the next filled with expectation and committed to giving it all we have to make our dreams reality! Here’s to an incredible 2011! ¬†Happy New Year!



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