We understand completely that when we come up to someone and tell them we think they have the potential to model, that not only does it come out of left field, they could also be judging us based on all the people out there who attach a price tag to the opportunity to model. They could also question if we are who we say we are, or if we are reputable and honest….one reason we direct them to our website, it tells our story well.

Right out of the gate I always ask first to speak to their parent or to have their parents contact information if they are under 18. I also quickly share some of our success stories, assure them that we don’t charge any fees, and that we really see something special in them.  I always make sure at the very least, to let them know they are special and beautiful. No matter what, that is nice to hear 🙂

Both in Milwaukee and in our recent trip to Cleveland, we found two girls we were so thrilled to spot. One was a beautiful girl in a Ohio mall at a Starbucks with two friends. Her friends were less than friendly and open, and we felt it really influenced her. She finally took my card, and we are hopeful to still hear from her. Next, was a stunning fourteen year old with her friends at Summerfest. She was excited, open, and so were her friends, but somehow her mothers phone number was written down incorrectly. Both girls were just adorable, still in braces, tall and naturally beautiful…… we are still hopeful to hear from both…..

We always ask one thing of the people we scout, we just ask for a conversation…..our “chance encounter” could be life-changing. Before you say “No”, know what you’re saying “No” to.



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