I woke up this morning to my first morning news story talking about a 10 year old Illinois girl committing suicide due to be bullied at school…this epidemic seems to be growing and growing….it’s heartbreaking.

I began reflecting and came to a sad realization. somewhere along the way our society has almost GLAMOURIZED tearing other people down. There are television shows built around it….girls tearing each other apart with their words on America’s Next Top Model, “friends” tearing each other apart on Jersey Shore, adult women ripping each other with their words on all the “Real Housewives” series, sisters verbally attacking each other on the Kardashians….are we really surprised about this epidemic? The way these shows are spun they somehow make it look chic or cool, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Just last week on facebook I saw a girl attacking another girls on facebook, which then led 2-3 other girls to  chime in, 33 comments later I was sickened by the nature of their comments, the threats to get in a fight at school, the cussing, all over a guy they both liked.  I couldn’t believe none of their parents stepped in to correct that using a public forum is wrong, and speaking that way is just not right They thought it made themselves look cool and powerful….it made them look shallow, desperate, mean, and unhappy.

Earlier this month on our Mother facebook page a young woman made a nasty hurtful comment about models and their body types. The comment was insulting, and what unfolded was a few people attacking the entire modeling industry in a mean spirited, jealous manner….and then girls who have modeled or who have a particular body type defending their natural appearance and the ridicule they have receieved. I saved the exchange for my upcoming book. It was such an example of people somehow feeling it’s okay to attack other people who happen to be different than themselves.

I heard a quote years ago “Hurting people hurt people”  We all need to know people who attack others don’t feel good about themselves. Impossible. Our role in life should be to build others up, not down.



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