I spend a lot of time speaking with people who are new to this business or are aspiring to be a part of it. Aspiring models, parents of aspiring models, new faces in development, and people who lack a true understanding of what a model is and the lifestyle that is required to be at the top of this fascinating and misunderstood industry.
It hit me yesterday like a visible lightbulb flashing over my head! MODELING IS A DISCIPLINE!
Just like an athlete works to fine tune their bodies, or a competitive body builder sculpts their body to their sports requirements, or a professional dancer trains to create longer more beautiful lines to compliment their movement….a model spends time in the gym making her or his body its absolute best, to help create beautiful images in photographs and on the runway.
The vast and glorious talented designers, photographers, art directors, hair and makeup artists, stylists, etc…dedicate themselves to creating stunning fashion, spectacular images, and inspiring fashion shows, why shouldn’t it be expected that the models have dedicated themselves to the discipline of making their body beautiful to complete the art that is being created?
I get tired of the criticism models receive regarding their bodies…whether it is the critique of the curves of a beautiful plus model or the “She needs a cheeseburger” to the long and lean fashion model.
I can honestly say it is a pleasure to be in communication daily with our models as they live a healthy balanced lifestyle. Their days revolve around castings, jobs, time at the gym, eating healthy and learning to cook amazing meals, travel, time bonding with each other in NYC and around the world….it’s an exciting, healthy, challenging (which causes tremendous personal growth), life changing lifestyle. Modeling is a discipline that brings great reward on countless levels.
It begins with potential. It starts with the gift of beauty, height, body type..and then it really gets exciting! Can you embrace, enjoy, and master the art and discipline of modeling? It is incredible when they can! Inspiring! Fun! Life changing!
It isn’t about a pretty girl taking pretty pictures…it is SO MUCH MORE than that. We are proud to know at this point on our careers, we have mastered the art of teaching and supporting the discipline of modeling.



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