On the first show Piers Morgan hosted after taking over where Larry King Live left off, he interviewed Oprah Winfrey and one question stood out to me “How many times were you properly in love?” I had never heard anyone say it that way. Since that time he has used the word “properly” many times, in many interviews. I like it. It’s a difference maker.

Aspiring models and their parents have sought out information and guidance through the years from local agencies, self proclaimed experts, and reality TV. All of which have skewed how to “properly” pursue a modeling career. It seems as of late, there is more and more out there to cause confusion, which makes it tougher and tougher for people to “properly” pursue their dreams of being a model.

We have spent the past 15 years committed to telling “The Model Truth”. For many of those years we spoke out against unwarranted money being spent on modeling classes, model and talent conventions, overpriced photo shoots, website fees, comp cards, and aspiring model “packages” Over time, we realized in many cases, people didn’t really want to know the truth, they would spend thousands and thousands of dollars if they thought it would bring them closer to their dream…even if it didn’t.

Today we live in a SENSATIONALISED SOCIETY, one that consumes reality television shows with over the top characters, with little to no regard for other people. We also live in an INSTANT SOCIETY, people like to believe they can achieve things quickly and with little effort as possible, preferably on their own terms. The combination of these two trends are contributing to what we find a disturbing new issue for all the aspiring models out there.


1, THE REAL WORLD- This is the place where models travel to markets where the majority of bookings happen like New York, Paris, Milan..etc. It’s a world where models discipline themselves, take incredible care of their bodies, balance their education, and engage in a professional relationship with their bookers, the top clients, photographers, editors, and stylists in the world. It’s an incredible world filled with knowledgeable talented people who help models navigate in one of the most powerful exciting industry’s in the world- the fashion industry. To do it properly it takes time, the focus is on timing and longevity, and the best interest of the model always comes first.

2. THE FABRICATED WORLD – This is the land of make-believe. It exists on television shows where no regard to timing, hard work, the reality of travel, working on making the model body standards, embellishing the truth, and putting models out there long before they are remotely ready.  Height, measurements, work ethic, and what it really takes are rarely discussed. Outrageous personalities and over the top conflict or heart tugging stories come before truth and reality. On top of that there are now local agencies across the country telling their models they can be booked directly from their cities to top clients without having spending time in the markets. The truth about model body standards, travel to international markets, and what it really takes to be a successful working model are not even a part of what these models are told. it’s just like a fairy tale. Sounds good in theory, but that’s not reality.

Last week two of our models, Lauren and Blake were over at our house spending time before they both embark on their next travel adventures as working models. Both told stories of people coming up to their parents in their communities referencing “America’s Next Top Model” and wouldn’t it have been cool if their daughters could have been on that show. These two young women have worked hard, achieved success, and are really out there doing it…..not pretending to do it on TV.

The REAL modeling world and the FABRICATED modeling world could not be more different from each other. MOTHER is determined to continue to speak out and educate, showing how the REAL world is so much more inspiring, exciting, liberating, and interesting than any shallow imitation or imaginary short cut.



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