After our Wall Street Journal story came out, I heard through the grapevine that people connected to a modeling convention said “I forgot where I came from”  Let me clarify. Yes, in the 90’s I took models to a big convention. At that point, I thought that was the only way to help….but then, we quickly learned otherwise over time, and as Maya Angelou says, “When you know better, you do better”

Over the past few weeks in particular,  we have received MANY inquiries that have got me all riled up…..from local and/or regional agencies advising and guiding models about larger markets when it’s clear they have no idea how this really works and they don’t know what they are talking about, to parents spending more and more money in the money pit of weekend conventions and photo shoots, to outdated modeling courses, overdone and over-styled photo shoots, to huge conventions charging thousands of dollars….WE ARE SO OVER IT!

In the spirit of our ModelTruth mission, I am going to post our thoughts over the next few weeks so aspiring models and their families can learn more, and hopefully save themselves money, time, and disappointment.

Here’s how it works, it’s a numbers game
Advertise on the radio, TV, newspaper
Get a bunch of people in a room
“Choose” about half or a percentage of them
Sell them on their services
Do the same in the next town
Gather them all in a room in a bigger city, maybe about 500 or so (times $700)
Agents come and have interest in a tiny percentage of them
Move to the next city
They are business people who sell numbers of people and that’s how they make their money
They sell you on the concept you need them to be seen by agents which is not true
You spend a few thousand dollars and generally walk away with nothing….
For those that “fall through the cracks”
Some bottom feeding “agencies” who also run a numbers game, take you on to develop you, charge you more fees, spend money on expensive pictures you don’t need, and then they go on to the next group and do the same thing….
Our advice, educate yourself, don’t believe in too good to be true promises, and don’t fall prey to spending unwarranted amounts of money.
It’s time for the ModelTruth.



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