I am inspired by a lot of people. I always want to know I am learning, growing, and expanding my view. Recently one of those people, Michael Hyatt, woke me up to the reality of a powerful shift in our vocabulary and the world of difference it can make.
We don’t have to go on another scouting trip, we get to.
I don’t have to clean my house, I get to.
We don’t have to sacrifice and work hard to build out business, we get to create something of our own and take full responsibility for it.
I understand more and more that we get to experience a unique life in many ways. People love to hear our stories of being out and about, our stories of discovery, our journeys of success with our models, and the sometimes “Rags to Riches” or “Cinderella” stories. What they are always most surprised by, are the equal, if not greater number of potential success stories we have found, who never achieve, or sometimes never even attempt the opportunity staring them in the face. This will always be something that as long as I live, I will never fully comprehend.
Through the years the range of reasons why they don’t seize the rare chance to enter into this incredible world includes boyfriends being uncomfortable with it, parents not understanding it,
the “uncertainty” of it (as if corporate America offers any security in todays world)
As God as my witness I have heard the following things from people:
“I would rather know I have $200 on Friday, then have to wait and get $20,000 in six weeks”
“I was homeless for three years” as opposed to “I have been an international traveler for the past three years”
Not “I have to travel the world”, but “I get to travel the world”
Not “I have to eat healthy & work out”, but “I get to take great care of myself as part of my job. I am compensated very well to stay in great shape”
How many of you would LOVE to travel and also get financially rewarded for taking great care of yourself?!?! It’s absurd that I have heard models complain about it…
Some would prefer the security of a minimum wage job as compared to something they don’t know exactly how much money they will potentially be making. Where is your entrepreneurial spirit? Your sense of adventure?
When I hear former top models complain and criticize the industry that gave them millions and provided a platform for them, I literally want to throw up in my mouth.
I can’t help but make the analogy that you don’t hear male counterparts in professional athletics complaining that part of the job is staying in great shape or knowing that they will be moving from city to city. The financial reward is so significant and the other opportunities that are often attached to it are so rare, it would seem almost offensive to complain, especially given the state of so many families personal financial situations….and yet, I hear complaining.
The next time i hear a model complain about such things, I think my head will blast off in a full rotation and spew spilt pea soup. Instead of doing that, because it’s really not my nature, I think instead I will write this reminder to the modeling world;
My mother told me when I was young that it was easier raising boys than girls. Of course, I was completely offended and probably held on to that for years, until I realized it was true.
We raised two daughters and two sons. Girls are just more complicated. It’s true. Emotions, hormones, grudges, hurt feelings …you know how it goes. Boys have an issue, it explodes in your face, and just as fast it is over and they have moved on.
If we discover a guy and tell him what he needs to do to prepare for the opportunity, 9 times out of 10 he goes and does it and comes back 4-6 weeks later, ready to roll.
If we discover a girl, it may take months, it may take years, it may never happen. And we will get a lengthy story and a myriad of excuses of why not.
To top it all off, female models make 10 times the amount of a male model for the most part…
The opportunity is so AMAZING. I used to tell young aspiring models they get the chance to experience things that the vast majority of girls never will. About a decade ago, I changed that statement to “You get to experience things that the majority of PEOPLE never will” Celebrate it! See it in the right way.
It’s not “I have to go to get on another plane” but “I get to”
We have seen models rise to the top. We have had many of ours included.
Not “I hate paying commission”, how about “I love there is a system set in place that rewards and honors those who helped me get here”
Not “Why aren’t things happening fast enough for me?”, instead “I’m trusting everything I am supposed to achieve will happen in the proper time”
Ladies, empower yourselves with the proper words. While you are at it, how about showing the world what real beauty is.
Beauty shows gratitude, humility, appreciation, and thoughtfulness.
False beauty walks around with a sense of entitlement, it lacks grace and ego takes over. It’s far from beautiful.
Yes, you have to EARN it. It isn’t GIVEN to.
Yes, we GIVE you the opportunity, but then you have to WORK for it.
That is a GREAT thing.
Never forget that.



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