Ready, Set, Go!  We had an amazing night on Tuesday for the Fashion’s Night Out show. Katie looked so beautiful, from the minute we laid eyes on her backstage, we both couldn’t quit saying how beautiful she looked, and she looked breathtaking walking in the show. Karlie being featured with the top supermodels was also such a treat. She looked spectacular and at the end when they were all dancing.  You could just feel how much fun she was having! Her mom Tracy said it felt like her first show when she got the Calvin exclusive. It felt really special. So happy we all got to share in the experience. Another fun side note, we were standing and watching the show with Lauren Hutton on the left and Carolina Herrera on the right. Okay seriously, that is when I stop and remind myself I am Mary Monaghan from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and the amazing journey that led to this place is one I will NEVER take for granted….



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