Scouting recap…We had two fun days at the ISDTA Dance Competition, nearly 300 teams, 1000’s of girls, and we spotted two girls to track and see how they grow 🙂  Day Three was spent at one of our favorite places, Jordan Creek Town Center, and after deciding to grab a bite to eat at Cheesecake Factory, we were SO HAPPY we did! A beautiful 15 year old, 5’11” girl was there for lunch with her awesome Dad…two hours later we were sitting at our hotel with them, arranging their first trip to St Louis! Another adorable girl to watch was in the parking lot of Buffalo Wild Wings with her family, we will “keep track” of her as she gets older. An Open Call in Cedar Rapids brought a special girl in the door from Xavier High School, she will be working towards her goals. Finally, after what was already a GREAT trip, we stopped at a truck stop in Hannibal on the way home, and standing inside was a very cool guy! He had pursued modeling briefly before, but had only met with people wanting thousands of dollars to “help him”. Looking forward to what the future holds from an amazing trip!




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