When you have had your dream and your vision take many years and many seasons to build, when you hit momentum and find yourself at a crossroads, sometimes it takes a minute for it all to soak in.

On our connecting flight from Paris, we got stuck in New York for the night due to weather, and were thankful to sit with a few of our new girls, AJ and Bethany, and reflect over a wonderful season and talk about the many lessons learned. These young women experience INCREDIBLE things and learn so much about life, fulfilling dreams, setting goals, and personal growth. People have NO IDEA how amazing and rewarding it is to be with them on this one-of-a-kind journey.

When we landed in St Louis, we dropped our bags at home, and went straight to the hospital to be with my mother for her hip replacement surgery (she fell and fractured it when we were in Paris)  Again, these kind of moments put everything instantly in perspective.

Our models were in 146 shows this season and Jeff was on the journey from beginning to end. He left February 2 and returned home March 11th.  I joined in New York, came home during London and Milan, and traveled back with the team in Paris…

We are a small company, a family business, we lead with our heart, we have taken a stand for years against companies charging unwarranted fees for classes and conventions, we decided a long time ago to not charge any fees or for test photography, we bring models into our home to live here and get focused, and we are extremely selective about who we choose to work with….we have no desire to have this become a numbers game….like so many companies do.

When success comes…..we are so thankful. We feel good that so much time and sacrifice goes into every model. We were honored to have the Wall Street Journal feature us on the first day of New York Fashion Week….as we walked backstage that first day of shows, many people acknowledged us and the great article Rachel Dodes had written. On that final flight home from Paris, the woman sitting in front of us turned around and said “I know who you are. I loved the WSJ article, and when we saw you at the airport surrounded by tall beautiful girls, I just knew it had to be that couple I read about”

I am married to a wonderful man and a dedicated business partner who has always been willing to go the extra mile. We are blessed with such great models, who have supportive families, and together we rally and make this work.

We have so much in store for 2011 and we are believing together we are going to make a difference. This is just the beginning!



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