We have been overwhelmed with inquiries since the Good Morning America and Primetime Nightline aired and with Jeff in Paris with the girls winding up shows, I am back home holding down the fort. Without our intern for a few days, I became the person who goes through all email submissions.

It seems obvious one of those companies who comes through town must be in the St Louis area, selling a weekend to “be discovered” because I have had so many parents ask our opinion about such things. Interestingly I have heard these questions from parents from kids who aren’t tall enough yet, old enough yet, one girls still has braces, another needs to work on her body, and yet this company is selling them packages to be seen by agencies in October (for $800)

I  am realizing the two biggest common mistakes aspiring models and their parents make: 1) Listening and trusting the wrong people 2) Pursuing things too soon when they aren’t in model shape, are too young, haven’t done their homework about the industry, and/or haven’t cleared up their skin, grown in over-tweezed eyebrows, etc…

SO….trust your gut, YES, they make their money selling hundreds of people for each city. People will tell me their child has been “SELECTED” but the reality is you’ve been “SOLD”. Even if someone has potential, if they are not ready, they will got lost in the shuffle, and it’s like throwing money down the drain. THERE IS A BETTER WAY.

For over 15 years I have felt very passionate about helping aspiring models and their parents understand the business and to help guard them against the predatory companies selling them unnecessary classes, expensive shoots, giant model conventions, weekend scouting events, and outrageous website fees.

After our recent turn of events, we are now more determined than ever to be the voice and help educate people through our website. Stay tuned…

One more time, TRUST YOUR GUT. If you’re asking if things are unnecessary and too much money, you already know the answer…



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