2013 brought with it a renewed sense of awareness for me. I am living this year with a new degree of intention. I’m beginning each day with time reading, praying, and writing in my journal. Living a life with intention can make all the difference in the world.

I took time the end of last year and beginning of this one to look back at milestones in my life and what I believe was the catalyst for those things to take place. They all began with clarity of purpose and time alone with God. my expectations were lifted and my circumstances became less overwhelming.

My life has been filled with things I would have never thought possible.

I was a young single Mom with all the odds stacked against me, but I had big dreams in my heart and I never let go of them. Time in my car, cleaning and running errands, living my daily life, was filled with looking at the unseen, not what was surrounding me.
2013 is a milestone year. I feel it deep down inside of me. The accomplishments thus far pale in comparison to what is ahead…I believe that. I have to.

My challenge to you is this…..plug into the impossible in your life. Allow yourself to go there, and back it up with effort, discipline, and hard work. You can’t imagine all the incredible things that can come from living an intentional life.






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