I can’t begin to tell you how many inquiries we receive from aspiring models and their parents.

I observe on facebook countless girls wanting to model, constantly doing photo shoot after photo shoot, and talking about their dream to model.

I see agencies in cities across the country promising their models placement in markets like New York and Europe, shooting them and styling them and putting them out there competing with every other aspiring model out there.

In addition, there are reality shows making the entire process appear too simple, that somehow development consists of taking someone with a bit of potential, flying them to NY, styling them, putting them in designer clothes, and shooting them….or on the other extreme, modeling on a tight rope, walking on a slippery runway, or some other gimmick.

The reality is this year alone we have scouted in countless cities, malls, concerts, music festivals, dance competitions, days in days in our car, racking up our Marriott points, and have a handful of models in development to show for it. Some will make it, some won’t.

We also have a small roster of girls we have been working with and tracking, some for years, some for months. We promise them and their parents to always be honest, loving, and direct. Each of them has their own path, the markets that are realistic for them, and a journey that only they have to follow. We will be with them every step of the way.

We have an invisible checklist that we go down as we develop a model. It may take months, it may take years. As Jeff says “We are in no hurry” We would MUCH rather, develop, protect, nurture, for when the time is RIGHT.

Age, height, body type, hair, skin, eyebrows, confidence, work ethic, communication skills, attitude, comfort in front of the camera, ability to walk on the runway, the reality of their lives, the reality of the parents lives, school, sports, long term goals, etc…

We WAIT until it all aligns, the timing is right, the model is READY.

In many cases, they are not yet on our website and the test shoots we have stay right here, we tell them from day one they have to trust us and be patient. If they can’t, we are not the right management team for them….they are learning in the process, we are preparing them for their future, and by the way, all the shoots, runway coaching, advice, direction, etc…is at no charge to them. The way it should be. Our team pours themselves into our models and their families and we charge them nothing for it. No modeling school, classes, workshop fees, website fees, photo shoot fees….nothing.

And then when the time comes, we introduce them to NY and the world.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

To all the aspiring models out there; Do the hard work first. Get your bodies in model shape, your skin clear, your hair healthy, your confidence strong, your mindset ready, your undertsanding of the business clear. Then shoot, not before.  And start with clean shots that are not overstyled, clean face, natural light. Don’t shoot if everything isn’t ready FIRST.

Don’t be in a hurry. You owe yourself the best shot possible.

Good things take time.



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