People want success to come in a neat calculated package, a step-by-step plan, preferably with very little risk, unfolding in a comfortable time line. We have learned through years and years of walking with our models, their parents, our children, and ourselves, that is just not how it works. I am happy about that. We would miss so much if it was that easy. Because of that, we have seen so many models, friends, & family retreat into the realm of comfort and safety, never achieving what could have been.
This year we have also experienced people wanting to rush success into their own calculated time line, not realizing the countless things they have and will miss due to being unwilling to surrender and trust there is a much BIGGER plan for them, if they would have been willing to slow down and trust the journey itself.
Success at its best is full of risk, days of doubt, months of uncertainty, years of holding on to the vision that has been placed in your heart & that still small voice holding on, believing, and persevering.
2012 has been an incredible and very interesting year for Mother, We embrace the entire journey and know 2013 is going to be more than we ever could have imagined.
Earlier this year I finally got the tattoo I have been speaking about for years. It was nice to have my favorite verse on my arm, it serves as a reminder of what is promised to us if we surrender to every thing that is in store for us, not what we think should happen.
That’s what being free is all about, and that is what true success means. Loving the journey, trusting every step, and embracing the people who have been there and helped you get to where you are going.



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