One of our aspiring models moms sent me this on facebook this morning. It is such a reminder of two things, 1. Cherishing every day and the small things that make it joyful 2. You never know the impact you have on other peoples lives.

I was looking for an old friend, Michelle Meyer, and found this blog by Michelle Mayer. This is a paragraph from her blog…thought you would like to know that your “discovery” comforted someone in a time of dire need…
“I said my prayers and I thanked God for all the wonderful parts of the day: dominoes, Pixar penguins, bookstores, holding hands, laughter, friends who know exactly how to help most, parties for little girls, and snuggles with little boys. I even thanked God for Ashton Kutcher for being sweet and endearing in a way that exceeded my expectations. And I thanked God for Bill who can see me underneath all my symptoms and suffering and have faith that I will one day be myself again. As I fell off to sleep I felt the corners of my mouth turned up in a smile; I was happy and just a little hopeful that someday it’s all going to be ok again.”   May 2008

Thank you Laura for sharing….I passed it on to Kutcher, not sure if he had ever seen or heard of this.



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