Not “I have to”, rather “I get to.” – A message to aspiring models, working models and top models.

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I am inspired by a lot of people. I always want to know I am learning, growing, and expanding my view. Recently one of those people, Michael Hyatt, woke me up to the reality of a powerful shift in our vocabulary and the world of difference it can make. We don’t have to go on another scouting trip, we get …



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There has been something on my mind for quite a while.  Our society has an epidemic of people living their lives with an identity crisis. To the extreme, I literally see people every day on social media, creating false identities by taking pictures from other peoples Instagram and posting them as their own. People making false claims about their occupation, …



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The first model I ever placed many years ago has remained a cherished friend in my life. Sarah (Olson) Hitman modeled in high school and again when she was living in Chicago and starting a family. She has always been incredibly artistic and for many years has had a very successful jewelry business. Last year she shared with me a …


Another Show Season, A Whole New Meaning

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There are times as show season rolls around that it feels a bit like Ground Hog Day. For six years now, we have been traveling every fashion show season. We have had the opportunity to partake in the top shows, with the most prestigious designers in the world. Every show season was filled with excitement, but an equal amount of …


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It’s amazing how something you have been seeing for years, out of the blue hits you like a ton of bricks….. We have lived in our home almost ten years. When we moved in, I took some laminated posters we used to have in our office in Iowa in the late 90’s, and hung them in our garage. When you …


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We realize more every single day that people have no idea what it really takes to make a successful model. It takes a village of committed, dedicated, supportive, talented people who give of themselves and love & encourage throughout the entire journey. From aspiring model, to new face, to established model, to top success story, they all deserve and need …