When we were approached by ABC to do a story about us and our models, following the journey, and documenting the process, we were thrilled. We were told they found our approach refreshing and our girls “truly special”and it would be a pleasure sharing it with the world.

We call our company MOTHER for so many reasons, the obvious, we are Mother Agents. Taking it a step further, we nurture, prepare, support, travel with, coach, advise, and most importantly, LOVE our models. We work from home so we can be completely available, we charge absolutely no fees of any kind, we introduce them to the top levels of this business….our models are seen on the top runways of the world, in the top magazines, in the top campaigns. They see the world, they support each other as sisters and brothers, and we navigate through the entire journey TOGETHER.

I am sure that wasn’t controversial enough.

The story has been told a million times….the “seedy, dark side”. What you look for, you find….so they set out to find some guido party promoters, and a “model” who wanted to have her fifteen minutes of fame talking about things our models have never experienced, and I am guessing it’s all in the name of ratings.

We could not, and would not, be involved in this industry if that was what we and our models have experienced. It couldn’t be farther from our reality.

Lesson learned.

We have been approached for years from MANY TV producers about doing a reality (or better put, unscripted) television show. I believe our story and even better the stories of our models and their families would be inspiring television, but only if we can tell the REAL story. Not some contrived, scripted, made up version of how this works, but the TRUE representation of things.

In this process over the past few months my eyes have been opened to some things I believe I am called to speak to. The special last night gave me confirmation it’s time to RISE UP and speak to these things in my own voice, and nobody else’s….so Thank You ABC.

The modeling industry embraces unique beauty, not a cookie cutter version where everyone looks the same. It represents a GLOBAL esthetic. I find that inspiring for everyone to find their own unique understanding of what makes them BEAUTIFUL.

Why is it that if these were girls were guys we are speaking about, and let’s say they were pursuing a sport, we would be cheering on their healthy eating and exercising, training to be at their best?

If these young women were young men achieving the degree of success they experience in football as an example, there would be a ticker tape parade down the center of their town celebrating their success. Instead, more often than not, they here snide comments and criticism….

Why is it that we are in a culture when our teens are eating junk and have a high obesity rate, and then when one of our girls chooses grilled salmon and vegetables for dinner instead of a #3 Super Sized, we are outraged?

Our models are self-disciplined, articulate, professional, dynamic young women. They see the world, they can create and inspire our girls, teens, and young women, they are given a platform to do incredible things, and MARK MY WORDS, our MOTHER models will do just that. They are beautiful inside and out, and yet, because of that, our culture in particular works to marginalizeĀ their efforts and their success. After 20 years in this business, I have heard COUNTLESS stories of “mean girls” targeting the young women we work with. I think the expose ABC produced was nothing more than a grown up version of just that. When I can stomach watching it again, I am going to go back and highlight some of the words and phrases they chose to use, and the heavily one-sided script they wrote, out of months of footage that could have been a new take on an old story.

Disappointed? Yes.

A fire in my belly? Absolutely.

A mission to accomplish? I thought you’d never ask šŸ™‚

Final words, Ehren is not hungry, lonely, or broke…can’t wait to tell you more of her story. Gwen was not sitting at home in Iowa devastated that she “didn’t make the cut” (this is not America’s Next Top Model), she was sitting next to us on the couch in NYC watching the show, looking amazing, a smile on her face & a twinkle in her eye (It’s like watching a butterfly come out of her cocoon). Malia loves Hayley, is not jealous of her, and she will be here in NY when she is ready. We believe in her so much. And Hayley, dear sweet Hayley, (and her parents) would be an INSPIRATION to every young girl. Bright, a top student, a published author at 13, with an ON FIRE passion for this business. Watch out world…..these FOUR amazing young women are ALL a force to be reckoned with. (You can’t keep a good woman down)

Oh yeah, and the apartment we all watched the show at belongs to one of our girls, Jenny Sweeney. Jenny is in Australia for a few months. She grew up on a pig farm in Iowa…she travels the globe, has a great place in NY, and she is an absolute DELIGHT. How many people in their early 20’s can say that?

So much more to say….that will come later…..





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