Part of living life with BIG goals and living a life of ACHIEVEMENT is dealing with the self doubt that can rear its ugly head. Even the people at the top have those moments of question and sometimes even seasons of doubt. It has been said sometimes people can be there own worst enemy.

Jeff has many tattoos, I have lost count….:)  I have one, VALIANT WARRIOR. I always want to be reminded I am in a battle for my thoughts, my words, my actions, and my habits. I can be victorious in those areas but I have to be aware there will be times I have to catch myself and get my thoughts and words lined up with my goals.

Last night on the Bravo series The Fashion Show, Isaac Mizrahi made a simple statement packed with truth when one of the designers was over thinking and doubting her ability, “You do best when you enjoy the process”

I couldn’t agree more.



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