For those of you who know us, you know Jeff LOVES tattoos and is covered with ink, and always has in the works what his next piece of art will be. I love it because he loves it. It’s such a part of who he is. He is always making jokes to people when they ask if I have any “Oh, she has an eagle that covers her entire back” etc, etc.. Actually, I have one on the back on my neck, and both of our daughters have the same “Valiant Warrior” It means a lot for many reasons, !. I love that the words would be considered by most to be a more masculine term 2. I do believe that every day we are in a battle for our thoughts, words, actions, habits  3. I love the story of Gideon. He didn’t believe he was capable of everything he was supposed to do. He had to learn to believe he was a valiant warrior. It started with the words, his belief, and then he became just that.

Every single one of us need to learn to believe we are capable of the dreams in our heart. We have to battle feelings of doubt, and we have to quit telling ourselves what we can’t do or put labels on ourselves based on old circumstances or things people have said to us in the past. Refuse to believe the “Never” or “Forever” lies.

Every day we can start fresh and venture into new horizons but we have to CHOOSE to see ourselves in a different light, believe we have the ability to do new things, and start speaking things over ourselves and our lives that are empowering and not self deprecating or negative. OUR WORDS HAVE POWER.

Rise up Valiant Warriors!



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