I sometimes feel like our house should have a revolving door to our guest room, we love that there is an continual flow of models in and out of our house. Who would have thought not having an office would end up being such an advantage? We have such a wonderful time whenever models travel in, whether it’s for a few days or a few months.

This morning I had the pleasure of taking our most recent house guest to the airport, one of our models who is currently working in Miami, and we ended up having a really heart warming conversation.  We met Mary exactly one year ago, she was living in Iowa and the dream of being a model was something she had since age thirteen. Today she is living her dream and she had such sweet things to share about the impact Mother has had on her life. With tears in her eyes she spoke about how often she sits and watches the Miami sunset amazed that she is fulfilling a dream. As she put it “Stepping outside of every box I had myself in” has had a profound effect at how she views life itself, she shared that in one short year she has had so much personal growth.  As she walked into the airport I too wiped tears from my eyes. I am so thankful for what we get to do with our lives.

In Los Angeles this past Friday night, Jeff, Tiana, Miguel, and I went to the taping of Two and a Half Men. We hung out back stage, watched some of Ashton taping his scenes, spent time with friends, and it was a fun night of “telling the story” of where it all began. Words can’t describe how touching it is when Kutcher tells it from his perspective, and how his friends and associates view the whole thing. As one person put it, “You are like a fairy Godmother” I couldn’t think of a sweeter way to capture our role. To spend time with him in hs environment and enjoy time with him at home is priceless. He is a dear and special friend to us both.

One night we enjoy time with someone fifteen years into their journey and two days later with someone just one year in…..both mean the world to us. Both Mary and Ashton shared how different their lives would be had our lives not intersected. A powerful testimony to how the direction of our lives can change on a dime.

Several years ago the Seattle Times ran an article that was written here for the St Louis Post Dispatch where they dubbed us “The Fairy God Parents of the Modeling World”  We got a kick out of it at the time. Several years later on a back lot at Warner Brothers Studio, a man we just met, when hearing the story of discovering Ashton, tells me I am like his fairy God Mother. I like that….

I think I’m going to start carrying a wand around in my purse 🙂



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