We receive countless emails every month from people sharing stories of “scouts” approaching them, and everything from “photo packages”, etc being sold to them. I think it is very hard when someone is telling a parent that your child “has what it takes” and then they put a HUGE price tag on it.

Last week we were contacted by a very nice woman who has a fourteen year old daughter, very cute and sweet but much more on the commercial side, and at this point, just 5’6″ I chatted with her because she was a friend of a friend. I asked towards the end of the conversation what was being said specifically, how much money were they being told it would cost, and what contract were they being pressured to sign.

This one takes the cake,  “He wants us to sign an exclusive contract and do a photo shoot.  The price for the photo shoot, which includes hair, makeup, videographer, and portfolio, etc. came to $2500. (photographer coming from NY)”

I literally gasped.

She then emailed me the paperwork she was given and it was so disheartening to read how the reality of how launching a new face was blurred and misrepresented, all in a way that the package could be padded and the price inflated.

Needless to say after our conversation, she is not going to move forward with this company that has been pressuring her to sign on the bottom line.

I can’t stress enough to do your homework. I also know so many sources out there provide so much misleading information especially targeting aspiring models and their families. The criteria to be a fashion model is clear, work towards those goals and then proceed.

It’s 2011. You can take snapshots with your phone and email directly to us or any reputable agency in the world. Simple, straight forward, no makeup, hair pulled back, shot in natural light.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



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