On our way home from Iowa a few weeks ago, we made our regular stop in Hannibal, at the gas station we have been stopping by for over 10 years. We had been traveling for 4 days, we were both tired, and we really were functioning in autopilot. I love when we are in the daily rigors, and then all of a sudden, a person crosses our path that we know has that something special. Jeff spotted him first, came and got me, and said “Check out the boy at the counter”…he turned around, I made a beeline, Jeff went a grabbed a business card, and we had a great encounter with a beautiful, fresh faced, Midwest boy. Fast forward to yesterday, and his first test shoot. Before we began the shoot, he shared about his life, his dreams and interests, his challenges…I stood there blown away by his genuine, sweet, simple nature….knowing this one encounter can literally change the direction and scope of his life…. Humbled and grateful for the enormity and simplicity of what we do for a living.



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